Brisbane’s REGURGITATOR started in 1994 and quickly established themselves as an articulate and witty purveyor of the Australian music scene – assembling a mishmash of funk, punk, pop, electronics and any other style that stuck to the sides… with unmitigated irony and a geekish nature. After a series of resounding performances they embarked on their first tour of Europe (with Filter) before stopping in Bangkok to record their first album “Tu Plang” (Thai for ‘jukebox’). “Tu Plang” was released to a decent reception in Australia and coincided with a tour with The Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1995 and another sold-out headlining tour with Japanese guests the Boredoms. 


There are no big name producers and over the top stylists here, Sahara is an independent artist in the truest sense of the word – an artist finding her own sound and in the process emerging as not just another remarkable voice. It’s always been that way for her though. Raised in the laid back surrounds of the Sunshine Coast Sahara has always had a decidedly single minded focus. At 14 she wrote and recorded her debut album before moving to Brisbane on her own to finish school and immerse herself in the city’s collaborative music community.


From Brisbane... birthplace of The Saints & The Go-Betweens comes three piece - I HEART HIROSHIMA. Susie (drums/voice), Matt (guitar/voice), & Cameron (guitar/voice/art)... where it's at... shared vocals and a microphone. Bottles and cans, just clap your hands. Connecting the wires. Making the right incisions. Joining the plots. Caressing shadows of the flickering lights. Plunging into the light off the side of the road. City streets declare a musical lineage converging in the guitar's angular striations, like bastard urchins and youthful inventions touched by tender aggressions.


Astronaut Reggae is now officially 'a thing' with Brisbane's Psych Dub Reggae band Hemingway. Fresh from Australian and NZ tours The Hems have refined their sound in the past 12 months and are experimenting with the gods to create and inspire a new wave of beat-fiend zombies. Hemingway's live performance takes the listeners through a jungle of live and looping layers that will leave every man, woman and alien on a natural high and wanting more. Hemingway have a strong gravitational pull, especially in northern NSW and SE QLD.

luke daniel peacock

In February 2016, Luke Daniel Peacock released his debut, self-produced solo album 'We’ve Come a Long Way Darling', again, to much acclaim. He was awarded the Billy Thorpe Scholarship at the Queensland Music Awards, as well as a QMA for the single 'Fruits Of Our Labour’. The album stretches wide across the spectrum of indie-rock and displays Peacock’s knack for going deep, whilst keeping his honest, sometimes humorous perspectives in check. At once conveying hopelessness and providing hope.

sarah booker

With a style that is as ambitious as it is mellow, and melodies that rise and fall to the rhythm of her unique interpretations, hear the classics brought to life and the latest hits transformed in raw acoustic light. 

With a cover career spanning over a decade, Sarah Booker has been entertaining crowds across South East Qld as a well respected and highly sought after solo acoustic artist. 

the stress of leisure

The Stress of Leisure, like all the best bands, is a party band in the art-school mould. Imagine an amalgam of Devo, Talking Heads, The B-52s and Dave Graney, and voila, let the good times roll. It’s Queensland post-punk and irreverent as all hell. 4ZZZ describes the band as “off-kilter dancefloor filler.”

Formed in 2006, the band has expanded from being the one-man outfit of Ian Powne to a fully-fledged awesome foursome. Joining Ian on stage these days, is the femme-attack of Pascalle Burton (keys and synth), Jane Elliott (bass) and Jessica Moore (drums).